Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do Dish Pan Hands Pass For Monster Hands?

I bet my breakfast nook is scarier than yours....

I really do LOVE my creep spider Halloween gobbets , flutes and shot glasses... not to mention my BLEEDING SKULL punch bowl, & all the trays serving bowls etc... I mean who wouldn't? (well if they were a Halloween freak like me). BUT one BIG draw back is nothing can go in the dishwasher. I got to spend some quality time at the kitchen sink yesterday. Not my idea of a FUN Halloween project but necessary since I store them in the attic off season. This is going to be the beverage station lined with grave it that lovely homey feeling of a crypt, don't you think?

Center piece for the Bunco party ( hence the 2 on the grave stone for table 2)

simple lighting decoration. Draping things is my favorite!

Close up of center piece.

Well today I make cakes and cookies and shop for all the ingredient for tomorrow. The upstairs will be cleaned just in case there is a party guest that winds up going upstairs for the other bathroom... Again not my favorite Halloween projects but necessary... Well maybe I should just dim the lighting a bit more... ROFL!


Thomisia said...

Your house looks fun and frightful.

Krissynae said...

I love also too. Love all your decorations. If you have a World market in your area they have Halloween shaped chips & pasta. They also have Halloween type drinks - Pumpkin Ale, Witches Brew, Wines with title like - Vampire, Phantom, Evil, Pure Evil, Trick, Treat & 7 deadly sins.

Theresa said...

Okay I am just going to HAVE to come visit you!