Thursday, October 11, 2007

Haunted Foyer

I spent quite a while yesterday decorating the 'foyer'. So when people come in they'll get a good taste of the pirate theme and scary. It is cross between pirates of the Caribbean , and the giant spider lair from Harry Potter. So far I really like what I've done. It needs much more work. I'm going to go crazy with the 'spider webs'.

Hauling the coffin down from the attic is the next challenge. Jim made me this coffin (isn't my hubby a sweetie?) Yes some women want jewelry, I go for the Halloween props! anyway... The dining room is going to be turned into a Haunted Crypt/ buffet. I found the perfect 'bowl' at Ross's. gotta go back and get it! Why I didn't pick it up when I saw it.... Groan! I hate when I do that!

I figured I might as well get the decorations up and enjoy them for while maybe tweak them up a notch for the parties.

Happy Haunting!

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